The Fist

This page is a means for you to voice support for the
students of Yugoslavia in their opposition to the
Milosevic government. The Fist is the students' symbol
of Otpor!, which means Resistance! Put one of the below
graphics on your homepage and link it to or to this page or wherever you
think it will raise awareness of the situation.

The Yugoslavian students are seeking:
-Free and fair elections in Serbia
-Free University
-Independent media

For the Milosevic government to shut down the universities
and institute an 'anti-terrorist' bill that forbids 'political activity'
in the universities attests, among other things, to the
effectiveness of the student Otpor! What kind of a situation is
it when the university students must be the ones to protest a
government when bombs have failed? Bombs almost always fail

and have eliminated other forms of protest from Serbia,
have provided the government with an excuse to silence
opposition. The students deserve your support and your praise,
these young people protesting the absence of free and fair
elections, open universities, and independent media. And the
heat on them is increasing. Please take a moment to voice your
support by adding The Fist to your site and linking hands with them.

Widespread international support for them will not go unnoticed
and will be of help to them in their fundamental, just demands.
, ,
are good articles on the situation (you can also search
for Otpor). Since then, the Serbian government has apparently
introduced an 'anti-terrorist' bill that will be used to crack
down on student opposition.

The Universities closed as of May 27: "The Civil Alliance of Serbia
estimates that the Ministry of Education decree on interrupting the
lectures at the University is nothing but thorough suppression of
the freedom of university, aimed to the protection of those who
attack students, not the protection of students themselves." (from

To get the latest news about the developments in Serbia regarding
student opposition and the repression of independent media
visit these websites: (translations from the press)

There are various file formats below. You may also download
vector files and make T shirts or posters, etc.

Adobe Illustrator
(contains all)



I didn't notice this at first on the site, but the menu for the Serbian language version contains more links than the menu for the English section. Check out the menu on the Serbian version at for links to images of posters, a bulletin board, and more information.