bill bissett

Jack Kerouac: "I know who the great poets are . . . William Bissette of Vancouver. An Indian boy, Bill Bissett, or Bissonette".
Margaret Atwood: "bill bissett is my astral twin."

bill bissett is yes a living legend. He's a poet, painter and performer. In Aleph Null, we see photos of some of his paintings, some of his amazing dirtee konkreet pomes,and photos of him from the 1950s to the present. And the 7 bissett pomes listed below.


Thanks to bill and to the Contemporary Literature Collection, Special Collections and Rare Books, Bennett Library, SFU, Vancouver for letting me photograph and use bill's work. And to Adeena Karasick for suggesting directions of inquiry with the images and for generous feedback. Thanks also to Natalie Funk for design feedback. And to Danny Snelson for the images he photographed of bill's work from UPenn.

dirtee konkreet (oldest to newest):

video 1 (3:08)

video 2 (1:42)

video 3 (1:20)

video 4 (3:25)

video 5 (10:27)

video 6 (6:46)

video 7 (10:07)

35 screenshots

40 screenshots

100 screenshots

200 screenshots

35 screenshots

44 screenshots

video 8 (2:31)

video 9 (2:13)

100 screenshots
dirtee konkreet + paintings (oldest to newest):

video 1 (6:02)

video 2 (4:46)

video 3 (2:08)

video 4 (0:31)

33 screenshots

110 screenshots

90 screenshots

56 screenshots
bissett poems filled with photos of bissett, bg of konkreet+paintings:
cooking carrot soup: video, 38 screenshots
i was in th bay toronto: video, 66 screenshots
ium not a raptor a terradaktyl a tree: video 1, video 2, 74 screenshots
yes iuv bin 2 dimensha: video 1, video 2, 142 screenshots
eeting appuls on jarvis street: video 1, video 2, 43 screenshots
polar bears on yonge street: video, 57 screenshots
hungr he sd: video, 48 screenshots
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