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Peace Research Institute
in the Middle East

Talitha Kumi, P.O.Box 7, Beit Jalah,
Palestinian National Authority

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PRIME's Mission

PRIME is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization established by Palestinian and Israeli researchers with the help of the Peace Research Institute in Frankfurt, Germany. PRIME's purpose is to pursue mutual coexistence and peace- building through joint research and outreach activities.



Dual-Narrative History Project

Project Proposal: "Learning Each Other's Historical Narrative" in Israeli and Palestinian Schools

Project description: Peace-Building Project Under Fire

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Side by Side: Parallel Histories of Israel-Palestine

Nearly ten years in development, PRIME's dual-narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been revised and combined into a single volume which is now available in English translation. Click here to order.

The New Press offers bulk discounts on orders of 10 copies or more. Please email for a discount schedule and ordering information. Professors and teachers interested in adopting the book for course curricula should contact

Earlier Test Booklets downloadable for free:

       First Test Booklet (English) 576 Kb

       Second Test Booklet (English) 52.8 Mb (long download)

News Coverage

Newsweek story on Sami Adwan and PRIME

USA Today article on "Learning Each Other's Historical Narrative" project.

National Public Radio’s Speaking of Faith Program on "Two Narratives"

Toronto Globe and Mail article on "Learning Each Other's Historical Narrative" project.


Sami Adwan and Dan Bar-On awarded inaugural Goldberg IIE prize for the "Learning Each Other's Historical Narrative" project.

Other Projects

Establishing a "Localized" Process for A Truth and Reconciliation Commission In Israel and Palestine To Address Refugee Issues at the Heart of the Conflict

Background Essays

What Went Wrong
by Sami Adwan, Co-Director of PRIME

Time to Decide
by Dan Bar-On, Co-Director of PRIME

The current situation between Israelis and Palestinians and how it has affected our research
by Dan Bar-On

Earlier Study & Conference Summaries

PRIME Study of Non-Governmental Organizations

An International Conference: Oslo - A Reassessment of the Process and New Directions

The Impact of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict on the Environment and the Role of the Palestinian Environmental NGOs in Protecting the Environment
by Fida Obeidi


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