Aleph Null is color music. No audio. It's an online, generative, interactive, open source visual work written in JavaScript using the HTML5 canvas tag. No plugin required. There's also a slideshow of screenshots to give you a sense of what it can look like in full flight. Turn the lights off. You can choose among many calendars of Aleph Null images.

It's like hunting the Snark, beauty or butterflies. It takes a little practice. It's like an instrument. Or a game in which the goal is to experience color music and create visuals you like. Unlike most instruments, Aleph Null will play something whether a person is playing or not. But it benefits immensely by a human player. It knoweth not beauty, is but the instrument of thine own incandesence.

Here's an introductory video and an essay on Aleph Null.

Here's a collaboration with the poet Adeena Karasick on a sequence of images called SimiLily produced with Aleph Null 2.0.