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On Lionel Kearns (2004)

A look back at a forward-looking Vancouver poet who, beginning in the 1960s, created a prescient body of media and print poetry concerning digital poetics.

An interactive scene from On Lionel Kearns

On Lionel Kearns is available as a free download in a zip file. The zip file contains a 32-bit executable for Windows or Mac. The zip also contains two videos by Kearns and friends: Birth of God and Negotiating a New Canadian Constitution. The zip also contains documentation about the project--and a 'goodies' folder.

Video about On Lionel Kearns

On Lionel Kearns was originally available from 2004 till Shockwave died in about 2015 as an online, interactive experience. It required the Shockwave plugin to be installed. That plugin is now obsolete. You can experience On Lionel Kearns, however, as a 32-bit desktop executable--if your operating system allows you to run such executables. The original online Shockwave experience is still available, if you have the hardware/software for it.

Soliloquy (2016)

Soliloquy is a 2016 animated and sound poem written and voiced by Lionel Kearns. Jim Andrews did the programming and audio recording/engineering.

A screen from Soliloquy

On bpNichol (2007)

Lionel wrote On bpNichol for the First Screening project. This project recovered bpNichol's computer poems and presented them to the online world. This project is sometimes cited as an exemplar of how to preserve previously obsolete digital art.