Enigma n

A philosophical poetry toy for poets and philosophers from the age of four up. Available in English and the below translations. Plays on mobile and desktop browsers.

1998, by Jim Andrews.
Code updated in 2004 by Marko Niemi to make it run on browsers other than Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 for the PC. Code updated in 2015 by Jim Andrews for mobile browsers. Published on vispo.com, Macromedia's DHTML Zone, DOC(K)S (France), & Cauldron and Net.

Chinese translation

Translation (2001) by Dr. Shuen-shing Lee. Published at The Literary Café, a site co-sponsored by The United News's Literary Supplement and the Taiwan government's Council for Cultural Affairs. Also published on Shuen-shing's site. Code updated by Jim Andrews and Shuen-shing Lee in 2015 for contemporary desktop and mobile browsers.

Finnish translation

Translation by Marko Niemi for the fall 2004 issue of Lumooja magazine (Turku) on motion. Code updated in 2015 by Jim Andrews for mobile browsers.

Spanish translation

Translation by Leonardo Flores in 2015.

French translation

Translation by Waliya Yohanna Joseph and Natalie Funk in 2019.

About Enigma n

Here's a short video (2019) I made about Enigma n (1998). Here's remarks by other people:

Ted Warnell (1998)
Bill Marsh (1999)
Kathy A. Fitch (2001)
Roberto Simanowski (2001)
Manuel Portela (2006)
Rita Duarte (2007)
Venusa Fernandes (2007)
Augusto Vieira (2007)
Rúben Almeida (2007)
Ana Filipa Maia (2007)
MarciaRocha (2007)
Lucía Helguera (2007)
Leonardo Flores (2010)
Leonardo Flores (2012)
Leonardo Flores (2013)
Manuel Portela (2013)
Roberto Simanowski (2014)
Michel Hockx (2015)
Leonardo Flores (2015)
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