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Sept 2023:

Sept 22: Indicted 2023. Very Trumpy.

August 2023:

August 23: Click to elevate.

April 2023:

March 16: 285 screenshots from Lorem Ipsum

March 2023:

March 16: Lorem Ipsum is a videopoem in collaboration with Adeena Karasick.

March 2: Aleph Null 4.0 front door to my collab with Adeena Karasick.

Feb 2023:

Feb 14: Checking In 2 in collaboration with Adeena Karasick.

May 2022:

May 10: An essay I wrote about Enigma n2022.

May 2022:

May 10: Enigma n2022 is a major new work! It's amazing! Check it out!

December 2021:

Dec 16: The Guest section of now contains 11 works by Ted Warnell.

Dec 7: The Guest section of now contains 21 works by Chris Joseph.

November 2021:

Nov 13: The Guest section of now contains a slideshow of images by Kent Christensen

October 2021:

Oct 15: Front door to colour music in Aleph Null 3.1-4.0

Oct 1: A collab with my Russian friend Kirill Azerny: End of Recognition

September 2021:

Sept 8: City on the Other Side of Time, a slideshow of 500 images.

April 2021:

April 20: Daniel f Bradley's '250 pics or so'

April 2: NeoNio launches. This is an HTML5 version of my 2000 Director piece Nio. Nio was mentioned in the NYTimes in Matthew Mirapaul's column on the best net art of 2001.

March 2021:

March 19: Piece on Randee Silv's site Arteidolia about "erogenous zones"

March 12: bill bissett and Jim Leftwich mashed up in Aleph Null slideshow

March 7: A slideshow of the complete issue of Earth's Daughters #2, 1971, featuring Judith Kerman, Judith Treible, Mindy Aloff, Kate Swanka, Suan Fantl, Joseph Kelly, Janet Goldenberg, Anne Petrone, and Kastle Brill. Thanks to Judith Kerman for permission to publish this on

February 2021:

Feb 25: Video of Daniel f Bradley's "erogenous zones" in Aleph Null

Feb 24: Video of Daniel f Bradley, Jim Leftwich and bill bissett in Aleph Null

Feb 22: Lanny Quarles visual poetry

Feb 21: Video of Jim Leftwich + Daniel f Bradley in Aleph Null

Feb 20: Video of bill bissett + Daniel f Bradley in Aleph Null

Feb 19: Slidvid of screenshots of Daniel f Bradley's "erogenous zones" in Aleph Null

Feb 18: Daniel f Bradley's "erogenous zones" in Aleph Null

Feb 17: Daniel f Bradley: "erogenous zones"

Feb 16: Front door to Karl Kempton in Aleph Null.

January 2021:

Jan 20: The Guest section of now contains a slideshow of images by Lanny Quarles

December 2020:

Dec 26: Questions About Creativity is a book that contains an interview of me by Piotr Szreniawski.

Dec 10: Front door for AMERICAN HITLER

October 2020:

Oct 15: It's Art If Someone Says So (essay)

Oct 8: Jim Leftwich front page for Aleph Null 3.1. Links to all things Jim Leftwich in Aleph Null 3.1-4 plus an essay on the project.

Sept 20: Front door for all the Aleph Null 3.1-4.0 Alchemical Cosmography work.

Sept 19: Front door for all the Aleph Null 3.1-4.0 Time Machine work.

August 2020:

Aug 30: Front door for all the No New Ideas stuff.

Aug 28: War Pigs is online, available as a 32-bit downloadable executable for Mac and Windows. War Pigs is an interactive music game I made.

Aug 27: A new homepage for Arteroids. Includes a book about Arteroids that I wrote, a free 32-bit downloadable executable of the game itself, and several videos.

Aug 26: Slideshow of 100 images of Aleph Null chewing on bill bissett. The images are mostly 3840x2160. It's in the new version of Slidvid. There's an accompanying video of Aleph Null in action chewing on bill bissett.

Aug 25: A Brit by the name of Gareth Hopkins created a project in which he asked participants to take a page from his abstract graphic novel, do something with/to it, and send him the results. Gareth's page involved the text 'There are no new ideas'; the project is called No New Ideas. Gareth then posted them all online and may do other things with the collection. With Gareth's help, I took the graphics people sent him and fed them all to Aleph Null. Plus an exchange I had with Jim Leftwich about the idea that there are no new ideas. Here's a Slidvid of 176 selected 1920x1080 images of Aleph Null chewing on No New Ideas. Here's a Slidvid of 69 images (3840x2160) of Aleph Null chewing on No New Ideas. Here's a new Aleph Null nib of No New Ideas. Here's 3 videos (video1, video2, video3) of Aleph Null in action chewing on No New Ideas. Participants include Alfredo Santos, Amy Hopkins, Bill Hopkins, Chloe Starlig, Chris Joseph, Cindy Lou, Daniel Bristow Bailey, Gareth A Hopkins, Hazel R Web, Jenny Robins, Jeremy Bushnell, Kele Web, Ladenia Jones, Martha Hopkins, Michæl Orzechowski, Nick Bryan, Piotr Szreniawski, Rosaire Appel, Sarah Daniels, Steve Thompson and Tony Edwards.

Aug 24: An update to the Nio project of 2001. Here is a free downloadable executable version of Nio (Windows only).

Aug 24: An update to The Pens. There's a free downloadable, interactive 32-bit app and some videos.

Aug 23: Here is a new 210-image slidvid of ALCHEMICAL COSMOGRAPHY from the 9th to the 18th centuries. It displays 210 different images and then repeats the slideshow. Some of these images build on previous ones. Most of the images are 3840x2160 so they zoom nicely.
** Use the space key to toggle pause/play (or pause/play button)
** Point mouse and turn mouse wheel to zoom.
** On mobile, touch and hold to zoom in.
** On mobile, double touch and hold to zoom out.

Aug 22: Two videos (video 1, video 2) of Aleph Null chewing on the visual poetry of Karl Kempton. Music by Eric Satie.

Aug 21: Video of me talking about the art in the recent show of Aleph Null prints I showed at Massy Books.

May 2020:

May 15: Slideshow of 393 images created with Aleph Null 3.1 using the Time Machine brush. It's a slideshow of a clock. Exciting.

May 1: Aleph Null itself chewing on the Time Machine itself. A never-the-same-twice animation. Only possible to view it once.. Here's a couple of videos (video1, video2) of Aleph Null in action chewing on Time Machine.

April 2020:

Apr 20: Slideshow of 300 images created with Aleph Null 3.1 using the Alchemical Cosmography brush. This is the first slideshow using Slidvid2

Apr 20: Slideshow of 325 images that was shown at Massy Books in my show Aleph Null: Graphic Synthesizer. This slideshow uses Slidvid2.

February 2020:

Feb 28: Links to all things Lionel Kearns at

Feb 28: Head Like a Hole music video produced with Bob Kasher. The Nine Inch Nail song set to visuals of my creation in Aleph Null.

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Trump) 1

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Trump) 2

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Ivanka, Conway, Sanders, Hicks )

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Kelly Anne Pence)

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Trump, Barr, Putin, Ivanka, Sanders)

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Michael Cohen, Donald Jr, Eric Trump)

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Melania Stone McConnell)

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Don Putin)

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Don Hitler)

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Vlad Melania)

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Ivanka Hitler)

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Trump, Conway

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Trump, Bannon, Hitler) 2

Feb 28: Aleph Null slideshow (Trump, Giuliani, Hitler)

November 2019:

Nov 2: A video of my talk at the opening of my show Aleph Null, Graphic Synthesizer, at Massy Books in Vancouver.

Nov 2: I took the ads out of my piece

Nov 2: Please Insert Text, a poem by me.

Nov 2: Jim Leftwich home page in Aleph Null.

Oct 2019:

Oct 25: I have a show of prints opening at Massy Books, Friday Oct 25, 6-8pm. Here's my artist statement: Here's a catalog of the available prints. I'm excited about this show. The prints are of high-res images created in Aleph Null. And Nat put together a Raspberry Pi app that boots a Pi and starts playing a slideshow of Aleph Null images. So the show is visual poetry meets visual art meets computer art meets net art. And the prints look great. Hope to see you there.

May 2019:

May 10: I published some digital poems by Waliya Johanna Joseph from Nigeria, his first published digital poems.

April 2019:

Apr 17: Slideshow of Jim Leftwich's "asemic"--or "pansemic"--visual poems used in Aleph Null 4.0. This is a slideshow of about 260 images. These are Jim's poems, not Aleph Null's chewings on them.

Apr 16: New Aleph Null nib featuring the work of the artist Yael Gilks aka Fau Ferdinand. Click to configure the nib.

Apr 13: New Text-Image nib in Aleph Null. Click to configure the Text-Image nib. You can use your own text, font, and fill the font with your own images. You can also specify how many words accumulate before the screen is erased.

Apr 13: New essay: Me and the Random

Apr 13: New essay: How Does Poetry Change?

Apr 12: A slideshow of 260 screenshots of the new Alchemical Cosmography brush for Aleph Null 4.0. The underlying images are from the 13th to 18th century and concern alchemy or cosmography (pictures of the cosmos). Also, check out the never-the-same-twice animation from which the screenshots were made. Click to configure the nib.

Apr 5: A slideshow (232 images) of the new Jim Leftwich nib for Aleph Null 4.0. This has a new set of underlying Jim Leftwich images. Think of this as the total and complete fusion of poetry and. Also, check out the never-the-same-twice animation from which the screenshots were made. Click to configure the nib.

Jan 2019:

Jan 2: The Polish poet Piotr Szreniawski recently interviewed me on matters ranging from art and addiction to poetry comics (poemics) and whether poets are similar to computers.

Jan 1: Slidvid 23 in my collab with bill bissett; dbCinema gnoshing on bill's concrete (186 images, 1920x1080).

Nov 2018:

Nov 17: Slidvid of 45 images of dbCinema gnoshing on the concrete poetry of bill bissett..

Nov 16: Quite a spectacular slidvid of 500 images of Aleph Null gnoshing on the concrete poetry of bill bissett; it's called th eye is th wind.

Nov 10: Slidvid of 100 images of dbCinema gnoshing on the concrete poetry of bill bissett.

Oct 2018:

Oct 2: New Text-Image brush in Aleph Null images. There's a slidvid of images of it here.

Oct 3: Also, some Alchemical Cosmography + bill bissett videos here and here.

Sept 2018:

Sept 13: New slidvid of Alchemical Cosmography images. There are new versions of the Alchemical Cosmography images: png images that have transparent sections.

Sept 7: New slidvid of 199 Alchemical Cosmography images. Also a page of links to all things Alchemical Cosmography.

July 2018:

July 6: Have been continuing the collaboration with bill bissett. Lots of new stuff at the collab home page. The new material is from the section labeled "dirtee konkreet (oldest to newest)", such as the series of 100 screenshots and the series of 140 screenshots.

June 2018:

June 11: There's a new bill bissett brush in Aleph Null along with lots of videos of it in action and screenshots of it in action. When you start the bill bissett brush, one of 7 poems by this legendary poet/painter is started up. This page contains links not only to the bissett brush in Aleph Null, but to the videos and screenshots of it in action.

June 1: Screenshots from Aleph Null with two brushes: Dan Waber and Trump. And here is a video of a similar session. This slidvid also has a new feature: fullscreen. Look for the fullscreen button top left.

May 2018:

May 6: Excerpt from the introduction to Aleph Null 3. Video of some of that text. Several more new videos here and here.

May 5: Alchemical Cosmography + Tangents + Parables is a video I made of Aleph Null 3.0 in action with four brushes. This links to my video channel on youtube which has a lot of videos I've made of my interactive work in action.

April 2018:

Apr 11: Oppen Do Down is a JavaScript version of a 2000 work of interactive audio I originally created in Director.

Apr 10: Checking In is a collaboration with Adeena Karasick. This appears inside Aleph Null 3.0. The text is Karasick's from her 2018 book Checking In from Talonbooks. She also chose the 300+ images in the mix. I wrote about the collaboration. And here are some screenshots from Checking In.

Feb 2018:

Feb 18: The Role of Programming in Computer Art considers the role of programming in the new art form of computer art.

Nov 2017:

Nov 20: The <Body> of Net Art is a 2006 essay originally published in the Capilano Review

Nov 2: Aleph Null 3.0 is a big change.

Nov 2: Essay on Chris Joseph's digital poem Sprinkled Speech. Also published on

Nov 2: The Moral Deformity of Team Trump A slideshow of 429 screenshots from Aleph Null 3.0 with the Trump nib.

Jun 2017:

June 14: globalCompositeOperations with Ted Warnell

June 13: SimiLily with Adeena Karasick

June 13: Arteroids video

Dec 2016:

Dec 12: Essay on Aleph Null 2.0 screenshots.

Nov 2016:

Nov 12: Stir Fry texts by Curt Rode

Nov 9: Aleph Null 2.0. Interactive generative abstract art.

Nov 9: A slideshow of selected screenshots I created of Aleph Null 2.0 in action.

May 2016:

Nov 9: A video of dbCinema work I did with the poet Adeena Karasick.

Jan 2016:

Jan 4: Globebop is for couch potato tourists. Click the globe and visit random locations. Read about them in Wikipedia. Search for specific places.

Jan 20: My essay Art, Games and Play, originally commissioned by and published on the CIAC site from Montreal, is now on my site.

August 2015:

August 5: Collaborative work with the poet Adeena Karasick.

July 2015:

July 5: dbCinema image work with material by Jim Leftwich, Andrew Topel and bill bissett.

May 2015:

May 1: I've updated for touch and mobile the stir fry texts Log, Spastext, Blue Hyacinth, Kedrick James, Salome, and Divine Mind Fragment Theater. And there is a new stir fry called The Stir Fry Concerning Technology.

April 2015:

Apr 4: I've upgraded for touch and mobile Seattle Drift.

Feb 2015:

Feb 16: I've upgraded for touch and mobile Enigma n, and Leo Flores translated it into Spanish.

Feb 2015:

Feb 12: Langrid is an interactive (mobile friendly) poem.

Feb 2015:

Feb 4: An article in Spanish, from Mexico City, about some of my work. These are translations of writing by Dr. Leo Flores about Nio, the stir fry texts, Arteroids, Aleph Null, Enigma n, and Enigma n-squared.

Jan 2015:

Jan 1: Computer Art and the Theory of Computation is an essay I wrote about the relations of those two things.

May 2014:

May 13: Teleporter is a new online work. It teleports you to a random spot on the planet each time you press the "Teleport" button. There's also a map-view and you can share your travels. There's a web version, an iPhone/iPad version (app) and an Android app. And an essay I wrote about the project.

January 2012:

Jan 11: Webcast of a talk on my work I gave at SFU Surrey to grad students and faculty of the Interactive Arts and Technology program. It's kind of annoying in that I'm the only person you can hear and the image of the screen doesn't keep up, sometimes, but still a better setup than most webcasts, I suspect.

Jan 21: Chris Funkhouser's book New Directions in Digital Poetry was recently published. I'm happy and proud to say that my work is quite prominent in this book; Funkhouser discusses Arteroids, the Stir Fry Texts, and dbCinema. There's a pdf of the book online for a limited time. Funkhouser is also the author of the first book-length history of digital poetry.

November 2011:

Nov 18: Why I Am a Net Artist. An essay published on Netartery and in the Journal of Electronic Publishing in their special issue on digital poetry.

September 2011:

Sept 5: New slidvid of Aleph Null stills.

August 2011:

Aug 8: Aleph Null, an interactive, generative visual work in JavaScript and the new HTML 5 canvas tag.

May 2011:

May 30: The Club (video and slidvid). My favorite politicians, business men, and psychopaths incinemated.

December 2010:

Dec 5: Wikileaks, Napster, and the Ayatollah Flanagan is an article I wrote about things concerning Wikileaks

Dec 5: An interview with me by Paule Makrous in issue 38 of the CIAC's electronic mag.

October 2010:

Oct 12: Leonardo Flores's doctoral thesis on my work.

Oct 22: Mathias Jansson (in Swedish) on Arteroids

Oct 24: Canadian Psycho (on Russell Williams)

September 2010:

Sept 12: My aunt Georgie Irvine passed away in 1997. I've put up some photos of her and wrote something about her.

June 2010:

June 29: My dad, Dick Andrews, passed away in 2000. I've put some pictures up of dad, and wrote something about him. I still miss him.

June 26: I put together two videos in 2009 on my late Aunt Lucy Milne, my dad's sister.

June 16: I recently started up a group blog called Netartery. The group, so far, consists of 13 writers/media artists/scholars including Gregory Whitehead, Andy Campbell, Jhave Johnston, Chris Funkhouser, Christine Wilks, Regina Celia Pinto, Chris Joseph, Leonardo Flores, Marcus Bastos, and others. Netartery is primarily a place to post about one's new work and new work of interest to the group and its readership, and about related issues. New work, interesting ideas, events, and so on. The people posting to Netartery are media writers and scholars of media writing. They are 'writers gone wrong' in this sense. They might write books, but they are also involved in other forms of artistic writing. These can be vispoetic or performative, programmerly, audio-oriented, and what not.

May 2010:

May 18: "Does Lara Croft stiry fry?" by Amos Satterlee (stir fry)

April 2010:

Apr 18: Net Art and the Fireflies of Eternity (essay)

Apr 16: Major Perlof reads 'Seattle Drift'

Apr 15: A 6 minute video on some selected work of mine.

March 2010:

Mar 13: POET PIRATE NETBOT by Kedrick James.

Mar 4: This is quite a good article on digital poetry: "Digital Duende: Reading the Rasp in E-Poetry" by Amanda G. Michaels. She explains Lorca's use of the term duende, concerning art, in his lecture "Play and Theory of the Duende".  And moves on to look at work by Ken Goldsmith, Craig Dworkin, Simon Biggs, Mez, and myself in relation to duende. And she discusses critical writing by Chris Funkhouser, Nathaniel Mackey, Michael Davidson, and Landow.

February 2010:

Feb 7: For Millie Niss. Millie passed away Nov 29, 2009.

Feb 7: Vancouver

Feb 4: New York

January 2010:

Jan 8: London Hypotrochoid: A city of the mind—your mind. Requires the Shockwave plugin. Mac users need to use Firefox. Click it when it seems to be finished. dbCinema will then paint the town in a different way. Usually clicking changes the nib and path of the brush (randomly). Sometimes it adds another brush or deletes a brush, if there are two. Occassionally the mouse controls the brush. Usually it clears the screen when you click; sometimes it changes brush type. All the best for the new year. 2010 past a space odyssey. But still not down to earth.

December 2009:

Dec 9: An essay called Art, Games and Play commissioned by the Centre for International Contemporary Art in Montreal.

Dec 1: New dbCinema series: GUESS THE HALLUCINATION. Plus an essay toward a bit of quantitative analysis of the semantics of collage/cutup methods.

November 2009:

Nov 4: I wrote a review of A Philosophy of Computer Art by Dominic McIver Lopes. There's also a link to a video interview I did with the author.

October 2009:

October 29: New dbCinema series: Klee Flowers

September 2009:

Sept 23: Added a control to the top left of the home page. Clicking 0/1 lets you see the background image clearly. Clicking -> and <- advance the background image and go back an image.

Sept 14: Added Javascript to the home page so that each time you visit it, the background image is selected randomly from more than 150 hand-picked images I've created that work OK with the home page of

Here are some posts I've written to (the first two are notices of new works by others)

August 2009:

August 24: I've been writing a few posts to, a group blog about digital literature:

July 2009:

July 18: New dbCinema series: Olga Glukovska

July 5: New dbCinema series: Kedrick James

June 2009:

June 28: New dbCinema series: Silvia Saint II

May 2009:

May 3: Issue 3 of, an online sound poetry publication from Atlanta, includes a piece by me called Jig-Arteroids.

April 2009:

Apr 21: Arteoids is exhibited in Leipzig, Germany at D21 gallery.

Apr 11: David Jhave Johnston's Sound Seeker.

February 2009:

Feb 19: Streaming Flash video of a Feb 12/09 talk I gave about dbCinema and Jig-Sound. dbCinema is a graphic synthesizer and Jig-Sound is an interactive audio app I'm writing. The talk was given in Vancouver at The Centre for Digital Media.

January 2009:

Jan 18: A piece of mine, "The Idea of Order at Key West Re-ordered" is in an exhibit in Tennessee curated by Alan Bigelow.

Jan 1 : Geof Huth's Endemic Battle Collage and Other 1987 Apple Basic Poems.

December 2008:

Dec 1 : Jig-Sound new heap of Arteroids sounds.

November 2008:

Nov 8 : My mom, Evelyn Andrews, passed away on September 22. I have finished putting together 11x11=121 pictures, each of which includes her. The pictures are arranged chronologically from age 0.5 to 75. In my experience, she never liked having her picture taken. But she kept all of these. Very few of them are solely of her. For the most part, they show her with the people she loved.

October 2008:

Oct 18: Kandinsky7. I made these images with dbCinema, a graphic synthesizer I'm writing in Adobe Director. This series, as with Kandinsky6, show more of what dbCinema looks like when it is running.

Oct 17: Kandinsky6. I made these images with dbCinema, a graphic synthesizer I'm writing in Adobe Director.

September 2008:

Sept 18 : From The First Remainder Series by Joseph F. Keppler.

August 2008:

Aug 22 : A new (Shockwave) interactive audio piece called F8MW9. the audio and visuals are by margareta waterman.

July 2008:

June 20: Brazil's Jorge Luiz Antonio has put together a CD on digital poetry with a piece by me on the CD.

June 2008:

June 22: Lots of my work uses HTML tables centered vertically. Info on vertical centering.

June 18: new dbCinema image series using a photo by Stephen Vincent--thanks to Stephen for permission to use his terrific photo.

June 4 : Save your work before clicking here. This concatenates all the dbCinema image series into one slidvid.

June 1 : Each of the dbCinema image series now has a slideshow option. Choose a series and then click the button with the "s" on it.

May 2008:

May 27 : "Graphic loven ". I typed "comics" into dbCinema and came up with these images.

May 19 : "Kandinsky 5 ". This uses the same brush as does the "Color & Brush 2" series, but "Kandinsky 5" paints with image, not color.

May 17 : "Color & Brush 2 ". Continuing to explore dbCinema's possibilities via painting without image.

May 13 : "Color & Brush". dbCinema image series. Normally dbCinema images use other images. The brushes in these images just use color, not images, as 'paint'.

May 5 : "Kandinsky 4". dbCinema image series.

April 2008:

April 24 : Short review from France (in French) of the dbCinema binary meditations.

April 5 : "Kandinsky 3" and writing about this series of images generated with my app dbCinema that I'm writing. There are two earlier series of images based mainly on Kandinsky paintings: "Kandinsky 2" and "Kandinsky".

January 2008 :

Jan 2 : Here are the graphics I've produced so far with dbCinema: dbCinema Binary Meditations. These include binary meditations on "Kandinsky", "Sunset", "Jim Leftwich", "Geof Huth", "Silvia Saint", and "Abstract Art". The executable of the current version of dbCinema is not online. There is a little video, though, that's meant as a tutorial for those kind enough to test dbCinema.

July 2007 :

July 12: The Pen

June 2007 :

June 11 : A short streaming video of my presentation of Arteroids in Paris at Epoetry 2007.

May 2007 :

May 10: Here is a link to the below piece from the E-Poetry conference.

April 2007:

Apparently Arteroids is discussed in a book from MIT press; I haven't seen the book yet.

March 2007 :

Mar 30: I'll be in Seattle March 30. Hope to see you there. Later on, May 20-23, I'll be in Paris at the E-Poetry conference.

Mar 13: The Canadian experimental poet bpNichol wrote First Screening, a suite of programmed, kinetic poems, in 1983-84. This links to a project that presents First Screening on the Web in various formats, including a JavaScript version by Marko J. Niemi and myself; the project also includes essays by me, Dan Waber, Geof Huth, and Lionel Kearns about First Screening and bpNichol. Here are comments on the project by Nick Montfort, Jack Kimball, Gregory Betts and Markku Paasonen.

Mar 7 : An essay of mine called "Videogames as Literary Devices" is published in a book called Videogames and Art. The book is published by the University of Chicago Press and is edited by Grethe Mitchell and Andy Clarke. My essay looks at degrees of subordination of videogame to art in art/games by Regina Célia Pinto, Natalie Bookchin, Neil Hennessey, and myself.

Mar 6: Added new links to my collection of links to interactive audio for the Web and my collection of links to other types of net art.

January 2007 :

Jan 26: I've started a sort of research page on Internet radio. Lots of great links to streaming music at the moment.

Jan 15: Kiene Brillenburg Wurth discusses Nio and other literary media works in her paper titled "Multimediality, Intermediality, and Medially Complex Digital Poetry".

Jan 15: Song Shapes and a review of Doom 3 at Geof Huth reviews the issue.

Jan 3: Regina Célia Pinto translated Seattle Drift into Portuguese and Harry Ross translated it into Italian.

December 2006:

Dec 13: "From Concrete to Digital: The Reconceptualisation of Poetic Space" (192 Kb PDF), by Anna Katharina Schaffner. This paper discusses some of my work and that of Ana Maria Uribe, Marko Niemi, and Dan Waber.

Dec 7: Over the years, has come to house some fine work by other artists. This page links to that work and to work I've done in collaboration with others. Geof Huth has written about the Guests & Collaborators project.

November 2006:

Nov 6: Redesigned the page and got rid of the Real Audio files. It just serves mp3's now (streaming or savable). The Real Audio files were more compressed, lower quality. That era seems to be over (whew).

Nov 5: Am in the midst of changing to a new hosting service.

Nov 1: On Lionel Kearns, Nio, and Stir Fry Texts in Vol 1 of the Electronic Literature Collection.

October 2006:

Oct 26-30: Am off to Banff New Media Institute Oct 26-30.

Oct 23: On Lionel Kearns in Berlin.

Oct 22: Regina Célia Pinto translated Spastext and Seattle Drift into Portuguese.

Oct 15: Marko Niemi translated Spastext into Finnish and did a second translation of Seattle Drift.

Continuing to work on Jig-Sound. Some not-so-obvious Jig-Sound features: you can select multiple sound icons by dragging a rectangle around a bunch; or shift+click to add icons from a selection; alt+click already-selected ones among a group to de-select; you can ctrl+drag and drop to swap icons.

September 2006:

Arteroids 3.1. Scores in 'game mode' are now uploaded to the Net. And the texts you read when you 'win' or 'lose' have been re-written and expanded.

August 2006:

Marko Niemi has written five Concrete Stir Fry Poems.

July 2006:

An essay on Interactive Audio For the Web.

June 2006:

June 23: A page of links to works of interactive audio for the Web.

June 10: e-motive: Visual Poetry in the Digital Age is an exhibition at the U of Essex that includes Nio and work by Ana Maria Uribe.

May 2006:

May 21: Arteroids in Italy.

May 9: Mariana Coronha on the Stir Fry Texts.

May 9: I am working on Jig-Sound.

March 2006:

Mar 11: Manuel Portela on Enigma n.

Mar 10: On Lionel Kearns published in volume 9 of

Jan 2006:

Jan1: Geof Huth on Arteroids.

Jan 3: dbcinema 0.6. It searches both Google and Yahoo now for images.

November 2005:

Redesign of home page. Someone remarked to me "you've got interesting stuff on your site but I don't get an indication of it from your home page." So I've tried to do something about that. Today a friend said "you've been busy uploading new work." Not so. But the site's contents are more evident.

September 2005:

Interview by Ivan Monroy of Mexico City in text zine (Spanish).

August 2005:

review of dbcinema.

another review of dbcinema.

dbcinema (in progress).

June 2005:

A review of Doom 3 in English and Portuguese.

June 2005: hosts PRIME (Peace Research Institute in the Middle East). The Co-directors of PRIME, Sami Adwan, a Palestinian, and Dan Bar-On, an Israeli, were recently awarded the inaugural IIE Goldberg prize by the International Institute for Education for their mighty peace-building work in Palestine and Israel.

November 2004:

Nov 24: The Stir Fry Texts and Enigma n now run on both PC and Mac on most contemporary browsers.

Nov 20: "Digital Writing Circa 2004" republished on Noema (Bologna, Italy).

Nov 12: On Lionel Kearns launched at (New York) and vispo. Reviewed by Geof Huth (New York) and Karen Wagner (Denmark).

October 2004:

Oct 1: Translations into Finnish of Seattle Drift, Enigma n, Millenium Lyric, and Time Piece. These are four DHTML pieces from 1997-2000. The translations were written by Marko Niemi for the fall 2004 issue of Lumooja magazine from Helsinki/Turku. Marko updated the code, also, so that now these pieces run on Netscape and Firefox as well as IE (PC only).

Oct 1: Song Shapes and ound pome. Additions to the Nio project.

Sept 2004:

Sept 15: Interview by Dakota Reese Brown with me about Arteroids. Dakota also wrote a review of Arteroids.

Sept 29: ound poem and na na ound poem.

August 2004:

August 24: Added a script for Director developers. This script recursively calculates C(n,r), P(n,r), and n!. In other words, it provides the basic tools for combinatorial calculations.

July 2004:

July 30: "Digital Writing Circa 2004" (essay). Written for my visit to England in July 2004.

May 2004:

May 23: The Idea Of Order at Key West -- an audio re-ordering of the venerable Wallace Stevens (2.9 mb).

May 22: An article on dynamic sprite creation/destruction in Windows for Shockwave.

May 20: Released Windows for Shockwave 4.8

March 2004:

Arteroids is shown in Machine gallery in Los Angeles March 1 - March 14.

January 2004:

Did a collaborative offline piece with Steve Gibson and Randy Adams called the Blitbopper. It reacts visually to a MIDI feed. This was in the new media section of the Victoria International Film and Video Festival

December 2003:

December 22: David Daniels wrote "Jim Andrews" as part of his "Humans" project.

November 2003:

November 27: Ted Warnell has done one of his "active desktops" based on my piece "Arteroids". Um, look at the source code. I think it consists of parts of the Arteroids executable. It's entitled "Phics_poet". I'm honored. Arteroids is kind of Tederoidal in an odd way; "Phics_poet" is arteroidal in Ted's original way.

November 25: Windows for Shockwave 4.0 launched. This is a tool I wrote for Director developers.

October 2003:

October 5: "Arteroids, Poetry, and the Flaw", thoughts on Arteroids.

September 2003:

September 20: "Interactive Audio for the Web", an essay/review of several works on the Web, and lots of links. Published on trAce from Britain, edited by Randy Adams.

August 2003:

August 2: I am proud to say that there is now a mirror of Ana Maria Uribe's site on Ana Maria is from Buenos Aires in Argentina and is one of my favorite poets.

June 2003:

June 25: published a (technical) article I wrote, an overview of Windows for Shockwave 3.0.

June 23: Arteroids 2.5. New audio feature.

May 2003:

May 14: A new (faster) search engine for

May 1-14: I'm featured in the soft-skinned space in discussion about digital poetry.

April 2003:

April 4: Assorted bug fixes to Arteroids, now at v2.04.

April 2: Chuck Neal of wrote a review of Windows For Shockwave 3.0, my set of drag and drop behaviors for Director developers.

March 2003:

March 30: I participated in a panel discussion in Vancouver at the Surrey Art Gallery on and Kate Armstrong's new piece. She's artist in residence at the Surrey Gallery.

February 2003:

February 16: Paris Connection is a big project in critical media that I co-produced with four sites around the world. It concentrates on essays about, interviews with, and links to the work of six Parisian artists doing multimedia work for the Web with diversity and elan. Presented in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

January 2003:

January 4: This is an experiment in audio programming. It uses "Black Coffee" and "Stardust" by Sarah Vaughn. There are 25 sounds from "Stardust", ie, all of the song. There are 13 sounds from "Black Coffee" and you hear it less frequently.

December 2002:

December 5: Windows For Shockwave 3.0 is a set of drag and drop behaviors for Director Developers that allows easy creation of onstage windows, cascading menus, multi-sprite objects, and good cursor control. It's for sale for $29.99 (USD).

December 1: Blue Hyacinth is a stir fry text collaboration with Pauline Masurel.

October 2002:

October 24: Regina Célia Pinto and Carmen Penido have translated into Portuguese my essay "Games, Play, Po, Art, and Arteroids 2.03". And Regina has translated large portions of the Arteroids interface into Portuguese. And Regina has done an interview with me about Arteroids and my working methods and background. All of this, in English and Portuguese, is reachable from the link.

August 2002:

August 21: Enigma n2. Turn up the sound. 130 kb download. This is related to a 1998 piece I did called Enigma n

August 9: "Games, Po, Play, Art, and Arteroids 2.02". This essay attempts to condense my thoughts on these subjects from the last year and a half. It's a 650 kb download; it has a copy of Arteroids embedded in it.

July 2002:

July 16: Internet Art (2002): Matt Mirapaul of the NY Times on WBEZ in Chicago (Real Audio) interviewed by Victoria Lautman concerning Nio, Mark Napier's work, and the 'road to acceptance'. Except that 'acceptance' is not really the goal. Instead, the idea is to blow your mind out of its socket. It isn't so much that the work comes to be 'accepted' over time as understood over time. If the work is good, then it will bleed future. An enhanced literacy of the sensorium. And if that literacy is useful, as it may be, then the work will play and be understood, and carried to some other level somewhere, some time else. Toward an expanded multi-sensorial literacy. I make human language machines that sing and textualize voco-graphically at length. I attempt to make them resonate through the sensorium and various dimensions of language. I presume computer communications will continue to proliferate throughout society. This is toward literacy and vision using the computer. And a re-write of digital literature.

July 7: Arteroids 2.0 is a literary computer game for the Web.

June 2002:

June 12: Material Combinatorium Supremum is an essay on very large literary combinatoria. It's about a poem with more permutations than there are atoms in the universe.

June 9: Full Screen Templates. This is a tool for Web developers who want to launch projects full screen. An example use of this template is how Arteroids can launch fullscreen..

May 2002:

May 6: Profiles and interviews with three European Web.artists: Michiel Knaven (Holland); Reiner Strasser (Germany); and Stanza (England). These writings of mine are published on out of New York.

April 2002:

April 7: An article on my piece called Nio: Jeder Nutzer ein Komponist - die audio-visuelle Poesie des Jim Andrews by Berlin's Roberto Simanowski. This article appears in the main newspaper of Frankfurt, Germany. Click "Suche" at top right and search for 'Jim Andrews'.

March 2002:

March 26: Shuen-shing Lee has written an article called "The Interlaced Poetics of Representation and Simulation" that discusses Arteroids, my literary computer game for the Web, and work by other artists.

March 26: I've put up some new songs and mp3 versions of some that were already up.

February 2002:

Feb 25: Germany's Roberto Simanowski has written an article on my work at his site called "Fighting/Dancing Words: Jim Andrews' Kinetic, Concrete Audiovisual Poetry" and done an interview with me called "Becoming A Full-Time Web Artist".

January 2002:

Jan 5: Windows for Shockwave 2.0. Downloadable dragndrop behaviors for Shockwave developers that makes up for the lack of MIAW support in Shockwave.

December 2001:

Dec 4: arteroids 1.0 has launched in issue 11 of arteroids is a literary computer game for the Web.

Dec 3: All my downloadable Director code.

September 2001:

September 28 : I've been volunteering to build a site for PRIME, the Peace Research Institute in the Middle East

August 2001:

August 31: I've released the Nio source code.

August 29: There's an interview of me and a link to Nio at Steve Tanza's excellent, which features works by many artists exploring interactive audio for the Web and the desktop.

August 18: I've started a new list called Director_Art for the discussion of works of art made with Director by practicing artists. Unlike Direct-L, this is not primarily a technical discussion list, but a forum for discussion and sharing of art, files, insights and, yes, technical information.

August 4: My work is featured at the Information Technology Association of Canada. This will hopefully provide biz contacts to develop the interactive audio ideas with businesses.

July 2001:

July 31: I'll be going to the Banff Center for the Arts Aug 25-29 for their Human Generosity summitt. The event is concerned with collaborative software. I will either talk about my plans for the collabarative aspects of the interactive audio, or will discuss the notion of distributing the source code for the interactive audio via a set of dragndroppable behaviors—and the surrounding context.

July 13: Hey, I got a $20,000 grant from the Canada Council to pursue the interactive audio!

July 4: Shuen-shing Lee has done some amazing 'translations' of my work into Chinese. He's done some wonderful work with Enigma n and Spas Text, one of the stir fry texts. Shuen-shing also translated Seattle Drift some time ago. He's had his translations published online at The Literary Cafe, a website co-sponsored by The United News's Literary Supplementary and the Taiwan government's Council for Cultural Affairs. Shuen-shing posted an interesting introduction to the translations on webartery, and there's a thread of discussion on webartery primarily concerning his translation of Enigma n, so far.

May 2001:

May 1: Nio is added to the artbase

April 2001:

April 29: "No Ideas But In Products" published on Bill Marsh's Wow, was the e-poetry festival ever a blast.

April 15: Gone to Buffalo for the E-Poetry 2001 Conference. Will show Nio there and meet lots of people I've been in correspondence with for years.

April 9: Nio is site of the week at

April 1: Nio launched at This is the most extensive work for the Web I've done so far. Interactive audio/visual. Requires Shockwave 8.

March 2001:

March 19: The Pornomorphs and other work published at Web del Sol's Artifacts site.

March 17: I've added three very different versions of a great original song I was proud to play drums on with my friends Keith McMaster, Steve Lewty, and Cliff Syringe. It's ironically titled The Green Hills of Home (it's about a gritty smelter town). Requires the Real Player.

March 15: Jam on Cook Street by the Laughing Boot Quintet. I was the drummer. All but myself are very talented musicians. I was very proud to play with these musicians.

November 2000:

November 17: Oppen Do Down; an interactive audio piece. Turn on the speakers. Requires Shockwave 8.

October 2000:

October 9: A new form of music? You be the judge.Vismu is coming along great. Many new features added and running quite smoothly. Requires speakers and Shockwave 8.

September 2000:

September 7: Question Answered (morph)

September 6: I've put one of my favorite essays up on the site: George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language".

September 5: Defib: Steve Duffy (England)

September 4: Defib: Mez (Australia)

September 3: Defib: Jack Kimball (USA)

August 2000:

August 31: The Webartery Chat Network is now up and running. The idea of this project is that Web artists put on their sites a page that allows users to link to a common chat room. Check it out.

July 2000:

July 14: Have put my shingle out : my resume is up.

July 10: "Log", a collaborative stir fry text, is up at

July 7: Worked my last day of work at Network Commerce Inc. Worked there three and a half years. It was a gas. But now I'm going to do multimedia development full time. Hooked on it. Gots to do it full time. Currently I'm writing my little brain out developing Vismu (visual music). Too much fun.

June 2000:

June 12: "Log," a collaborative stir fry text with Brian Lennon, is up at Vispo. Brian wrote the text for this piece specially as a stir fry.

April 2000:

April 20: Defib: Loss Glazier

March 2000:

Mar 27: Defib: David Knoebel

Mar 19: Defib: MECHANICALBRIDE: conceptual art at Defib by Ted Warnell

Mar 9: Defib: Carolyn Guertin

Mar 5: THE FIST: In support of the Yugoslavian student resistance to Milosevic's government. Put THE FIST on your Web site to support their important work.


February 2000:

Feb 29: Defib: Riding the Meridian—Women and Technology

Feb 29: site of the day

Feb 18: Komninos Konstantinos Zervos at Defib.

January 2000:

Jan 30: Time Piece (second in Time Suite). Requires Internet Explorer.

Jan 25: The canned version of the live Defib show on Reiner Strasser.

Jan 16: Rude Little Song (requires Shockwave plugin and sound card).

Jan 1: Field Theory for a l y r i c m a i l e r, the canned version of the live Defib show for Dec 19.

December, 1999:

Dec 19: morph of Penis Unix and Madame Ovary. Dec 17: Webartery members participating in Defib. This is the canned version of the Dec 5/99 show on Miekal And. Dec 13: "The egg word of Ur exercising" (morph) is in the Infoanimism essay. Prefers simply to be called egg word. Dec 4: Defib featured William Marsh on November 21. This is the canned version of that live chat session in conversation with Bill. Dec 2: Millenium Lyric is the first of several poems in a suite. Currently this one requires Internet Explorer 4 or later, though I hope to make a Netscape version

November, 1999:

Nov 30: The Pen: more depth. Nov 29: Enigma n: More enigma Nov 21: Two new visual poems: W and Zzzzzzzzzz in Ã. Nov 19: A hypertranscript of the Defib show on the work of Claire Dinsmore. Nov 7: Defib, which is a live Web artist interview show I host and organize at, launched Oct 17/99. We've just finished the first hypertranscript of that show, which featured Talan Memmott.

October, 1999:

Oct 18: An essay/letter to Steven Heighton called "The Frame, Nominalism, and Platonism in Literary Judgement" in the Writings section. Oct 10: A new pop up poem. Oct 5: Two half-hour audio files, one great performance by Victoria's Paul McKinnon: Wake Up and Smell the Bus Depot.

September, 1999:

Sept 6: Vispo is now serving audio! First up is the amazing poetry of Joseph F. Keppler.

August, 1999:

Aug 22: Several old poems newly published on the Web: Lower Yates at Midnight (the first poem I kept), Walk in Streetlight (written the same summer), Hands, Second and Third Snow, and The Meeting Place II. They are all in PDF format and are in the Writings section of Vispo. Also, an old essay in the Writings section, Notes Toward an Essay on the Unspeakable. Aug 21: Two new essays: Stir Frys and Cut Ups and Architecture and the Literary among the stir fry project on cut ups. Aug 7: Correspondence, a Stir Fry text in collaboration with Talan Memmott, Mary Phillips, and Lee Worden. Aug 5: exists but is not launched yet in its first manifestotion. Still lots of work ahead of us.

July, 1999:

July 26: Strings, a Flash project by Dan Waber in the Guests section. July 14: The Stir Fry Texts are in development, currently, but here are a couple of finished ones. July 10: Several essays in PDF format from my manuscript Several Numbers Through the Lyric have been added to the writings section.

July 9: B Bopping

June, 1999:

June 6: I finished a manuscript for a book in 1996 called Several Numbers Through the Lyric that's wide-ranging over essays, poems, stories, letters, and visual poems. I've started to publish it here in PDF files. Please see Writings for more information. All the PDF's in Writings are from this manuscript.

May, 1999:

Bought Bought a word. Bought a domain. Working on Vispo 2.0 which I launched this month. Have been working on this redesign of for a couple of months. Basic idea is each piece gets its own page, no more gallery motif, and use simpler (not frame-based) navigation to claim more space for composition. Also, trying to design for the future: less on each page, more focussed, but also will accomodate any size of screen (mostly) except 640.

April, 1999:

Bill Marsh review of Enigma n and Infoanimism . Cloud Fire at Vispo and Weak Blood.

March, 1999:

ABC Architecture at Vispo and Weak Blood. Visualanguage completed. Infoanimism completed.

November, 1998:

Webartery email list started. Visual poetry show in Victoria. Visual show at The Globe in Seattle came down this month. Enigma n completed, mentioned at Zine n and featured in Macromedia's DHTML Zone Spotlight (their DHTML Zone is now defunct). Digital Langu(im)age up at Web del Sol's Perihelion site. Some pieces were published in a very strong "volume" of writing called Poetries of Canada. It's perhaps the first such Web volume of the Canadian wired writers.

I published work by Uruguay's Clemente Padín.

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